Recruitment and Selection
Recruitment and Selection

Being well aware that people are what matter the most in business, Dynamicjob helps you find the right person for each job, quickly and efficiently.
What we do:  

  • Resorting to our database;
  • Publication of adverts;
  • Recruitment disclosure in the Dynamicjob website (;
  • Ad placement in various sites of the specialty, as well as in the specialized press;
  • Networking.
  • Curriculum analysis;
  • Reference checking;
  • Individual interview.

As each job responds to certain requirements, we also offer other services related to recruitment, and that will allow this to be done in the most professional way possible:

  • Application of reasoning and aptitude tests;
  • Group dynamics adapted to the profile to recruit;
  • Tests of language skills.

This process can be carried out with your involvement or you can leave it entirely in our hands. If you prefer, do not waste time. Dynamicjob handles everything for you!

Temporary employment
Temporary employment

Knowing that the needs of your company today are not the same tomorrow, we have specialized in Temporary Work, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and allowing for flexible management of human resources to businesses.
In addition to the completion of the selection process of all employees necessary for the undertaking, Dynamicjob shall also carry out all the legal procedures:

  • Medicine at work;
  • Accident insurance at work;
  • Social Contributions (Social Security and IRS).

Furthermore, it is our responsibility to:

  • Control the number of working hours;
  • Salary processing;
  • Salary payment.
Head Hunting
Head Hunting

Because there are times when the company knows it needs a key element in its human resources; knows it needs the ideal person to fill that particular position.
This is where Dynamicjob’s role starts. We proceeded to the recruitment of this professional you want, with the features and skills needed to fit perfectly all the requirements of the job.

This type of recruitment has all the benefits to the client company: fills the place with the right professional, avoiding wasting time that this process demands and freeing resources.

At the end it is compiled a short list of the best candidates to proceed to final interview, which usually - but not necessarily - is held by a representative of the client company.



According to the latest statistics, resort to outsourcing leads to a reduction in costs in the order of 9% and a productivity increase of about 15%. This advantage, combined with many others that outsourcing has, makes this, today, a recurring practice of companies that intend to increasingly focus on their core business.

Dynamicjob will be your ideal partner if you do not want to worry about all the bureaucracies of Human Resources. You'll get several advantages, starting with the fact that you will leave in the hands of experts the selection of your employees, including the definition of career paths, training, bonuses and incentives, saving valuable time and resources.


Skill tests
Skill tests

Because often the curriculum vitae and the individual interview are not enough to assess the nature of someone or certain skills, Dynamicjob offers the skill tests service, which can include:

  • Application of reasoning and aptitude tests;
  • Group dynamics adapted to the profile to recruit;
  • Tests of language skills.

This service will allow verifying not only if the knowledge and skills correspond to the desired profile, but also if the candidate has certain characteristics essential to the development of the tasks involved in the job, such as knowing how to work in teams, dealing with clients or managing conflicts.


Planning and Training
Planning and Training

Formed by a team with over 10 years of experience in training, combining to this the knowledge in the area of Human Resources, Dynamicjob is the ideal partner to meet the needs of your company:

  • We proceed to the analysis of training needs;
  • We carefully analyze the needs of the company and of each job position;
  • We proceed to carry out an individual development plan;
  • We select a professional and competent training team;
  • We handle the entire process (top to bottom);
  • We offer a certified training service.
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