People are what matter most"




Dynamicjob is a company dedicated to the human resources area, dealing with recruitment and temporary jobs. It strives for the effectiveness and efficiency of its services, always seeking to go beyond what are the expectations of its customers.
This company is composed by a young team, and it selected its name exactly for the dynamism that they implement in response to the demands they face.

Because when we are motivated we are more committed and dynamic, Dynamicjob gives priority to establishing trusting relationships with both its customers, employees and partners.
Also, we invest in the career development of each of our employees, through guidance, training and planning.
Each one is analyzed and respected for their individuality, and Dynamicjob has the perfect notion that their success will lead to the success of the institution they represent.

Follow up carried out by Dynamicjob

Why choosing to work with Dynamicjob?

• Regular contact with the client and the worker (telephone and/or in-person);
• Periodic evaluation of results;
• Customer satisfaction surveys application;
• Treatment and Analysis of suggestions and complaints and the respective improvement process.

• Get the right person to the right place for the time strictly necessary;
• Minimize costs -reduce absenteeism and pay only the work done;
• Monetize time worrying about the essential;
• Forget bureaucracies -we take care of that for you;
• Improve the company's competitiveness;
• Increase the knowledge of employees through training thought especially for your company.

R. José Soares de Sá, n.º 45, R/C Esq.
4520-236 Santa Maria da Feira
Tel. 256 026 627 | Fax. 256 025 879
Tlm. 916 054 402
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